The Rules

Official Rules Of Play
2023 Derby City Classic
Presented by Caesars Southern Indiana

Note: Any changes or modifications to these rules will be discussed at the player’s meeting held prior to each event. Your attendance at the player’s meeting is strongly encouraged. It is also strongly recommended to read all rules.

2023 Derby City Classic Rule Changes


Base of the Ball does not apply at DCC; EDGE of Ball determines the position of a ball.

Even the Break Shot, the EDGE of the cue ball must be fully inside the kitchen.


If a legal object ball is made on the break in breakers pocket, re-rack.

Ball jumped off the table to prevent opponent scoring, counts for opponent.

Both players cannot have a negative score.

Ball count of -5 is loss of game.


Outsville template rack will be used; do not touch balls after placed.

9-ball racks on the spot, No Pattern Racking, 2-ball cannot be on back of stack.

No Break Box, EDGE of cue ball must be fully inside kitchen.

3 Point Rule is in effect.

Read the General and Game Rules for MORE DETAIL.

General Rules

The General Governing Rules for the Derby City Classic are the (WPA) World Pool-Billiard Association Rules and Regulations. The rules listed on this website are the exceptions and main rules for the Derby City Classic.