BigFoot 10-Ball Challenge


The DIAMOND Bigfoot 10-Ball Challenge

The DIAMOND Bigfoot 10-Ball Challenge Jan. 21st-24th, 2022

  • The entry fee is $1,000 with $16,000 added
  • This is an invitational event for 16 of the best players
  • All matches are 10-Ball, played on the Diamond Bigfoot 10 ft table
  • Single Elimination with Race to 11
  • The payouts will be 1st - $16,000, 2nd - $8,000, and 3rd-4th $4,000 each

Interested players should contact Steve McDonald at

Bigfoot Challenge Specific Rules

  • General Rules are the Derby City General Rules under “The Rules”
  • Lag for the opening break, then Alternate Breaks
  • Rack Your Own, No Pattern Racking allowed
  • 1 ball on the front, 10 ball in the middle, the rest are random
  • Must use the Accu-Rack and the Referee will remove the rack
  • Break behind the Headstring, determined by EDGE of the cue ball
  • On the Break shot, if no ball is pocketed, at least four object balls must be driven to a rail, or the shot is a foul
  • You may push out after the break
  • This is 10-Ball Express Rules
  • No call pocket on any shot and no called safety
  • 10-ball on the break spots back up immediately
  • An object ball knocked off the table stays down, except the 10-ball spots back up
  • 3 Foul Rule is in effect and must give Warning “on 2”
  • All ball fouls is in effect
  • Penalty for all fouls is cue ball in hand
  • DO NOT give up balls, must pocket the last ball
  • Jump cues are not allowed, you can jump with your playing cue only
  • You may aim with your cue, but your hand must remain in contact with the cue
  • The first player to legally pocket the 10 ball is the winner of the game